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We create customized quality applications that people love.
With us, you will save up to 75% of the budget and 50% of the time.

About us


We help our clients see what they couldn’t before.


We’ve been offering mobile app development services since 2012. We specialize in complex web and mobile solutions for both Android and iOs. We create high-quality applications not only for business but also for start-ups and private investors. Our prices are significantly lower than those proposed by large companies, or in your country. Putting forward unique and customized solutions is our standard. We will establish your app from A to Z – from setting it up to deploying it in the market place.

GiraffeStudio Giraffe Studio

What we do


We are here to help you with business analysis to create the initial MVP or final product that will meet the market needs and encourage you to reach new business horizons. We think like entrepreneurs, therefore, we consider the core app features that will be most valuable for its users and relevant to your business goals.


Android platform is the largest mobile operating system in the world, powers above 80% of all mobile devices worldwide. The Android developers in our team have over 5 years’ experience in providing world class mobile apps, advising on technical practices and solutions that will take your idea to the next level.


It is hard to imagine today's world without shining Apple devices at every turn. Thanks to detailed familiarity with Swift and Objective-C, we design and build advanced applications for the iOS platform. We do our best to make the iPhone user’s experience unique.


Remarkable design is sometimes as important as the app itself. It plays the key role in brand recognition and may have a huge impact on your business success. Our creative team is a combination of both artists and qualified specialists thanks to which your app will be featured with a beautiful design and high efficiency at once.


Content management system powers your digital content and helps you to manage communication with your users or advertisers. We create web-based, good-looking CMSs that are customized and easy to navigate for a small start-up team or even a single business owner.


Landing pages are indispensable for every digital business. With us, you will learn how to design your landing page to attract more users, promote your unique business value, and present your company to the whole world. Landing page will also provide you with the priceless feedback of your app’s users.

Our Projects

Our work is your happiness

How we work


This is the first step to take. Please send us an email or use our contact form to describe your idea. Within 24 hours, we will answer you back and present the basic vision of your app. We can also arrange a meeting with you. If it is not possible, we can always contact each other via Skype, WhatsApp, or Messenger – depending on your preference.


Basing on the successful value proposition models, we start with the real needs of your clients to identify their expectations, shape emotions and experiences.


After the analysis stage, the planning phase follows. We agree on the product functions, functional requirements, scope of work, timeframe, form of communication, and a deadline for the go-live date.


Creative design is one of the most effective way of getting your app to strike the eye. Our designers create applications to fall in love with, based on your style and taste.


By using Agile/SCRUM methodologies, we divide development cycle into iterations – usually lasting no longer than 2 weeks – to demonstrate you how the application works and looks like as well as to get your evaluation of the app and discuss the possible changes.


Once your application is completed and ready to use, we upload it to Google Play or App Store, and walk you through all technical or legal aspects of public distribution. After this step, you will probably have a big 😊 on your face.

Our clients

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A mobile application designed for the Icelandic market for Android and iOS platform.

GiraffeStudio Giraffe Studio AKSTURSDAGBOK

This app was designed to help out business owners with the management of their fleet, registration of drivers, tracking information, and controlling fuel consumption. Drivers have the option of entering data of their daily ride into the app which is synchronized with company owner’s Content Management System.


A mobile application designed for the Polish market for Android and iOS platform.

GiraffeStudio Giraffe Studio WalterPolska

The application was established for marketing purposes. Users have an opportunity to acquaint with current special offers for the products as well as make direct contact with customer service. The application also allows a potential client to scan QR products to see the specifications of the unit.

Zielone Miasto

A mobile application developed in cooperation with Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany.

GiraffeStudio Giraffe Studio Zielone Miasto

The purpose of this application is to promote ecology, environmental awareness, and green areas in Warsaw. The application allows users to familiarize themselves with plants growing in Warsaw parks and their flowering periods.